Design Your Door

Step 1: Discover Your Style

Updating the exterior of your home is an exciting time. The result should make you fall in love with your home every time you pull in the driveway. But what if you don’t know what your design style is? Let us help you find your style and determine a direction for the look of your home.

Step 2 Balancing Privacy & Natural Light

When choosing an entry door, think about the level of privacy or natural light you desire in your home. Creating the perfect balance can be achieved through your configuration, door style, and glass style selections.

Door Configuration

If you choose a solid panel door, consider adding a sidelite or two for more light in your foyer. Overhead transoms bring in more natural light without sacrificing your privacy.

Door Style

Doorglass designs are offered in several sizes from a partial-view to a full-view glass door. Doors with no glass or with a smaller piece of glass are ideal for a higher privacy. Think about how open your home is to the street when choosing your door style.

Glass Style

Each doorglass design varies in the amount of light it transfers and privacy it affords. We assign a numerical privacy level to each doorglass, from a 0 for low-privacy transparent glass to a 10 for high-privacy opaque glass.

Step 3 Customize With Color

Color has the power to transform the look of your home. It can set the mood, create space and even boost the value of your home. Choose a color that stands out but still complements your existing exterior color palette.

A Pop Of Color

Add major visual interest with an eye-catching front door. A splash of yellow or orange makes a bright statement. Alternatively, you can choose to go bold with a deep shade of red or purple.

Stained Wood Look

The richness of wood helps to create a stunning first impression and instant curb appeal. Think about your fixed features, like the walkway and stone/brick accents, when choosing your stain color.

Mix & Match

Pick one color for the outside of your door and another for the inside. This means you can paint the exterior in your favorite pop of color and stain the interior to complement your existing trim and molding.

Step 4 Glass & Door Styles

Your front door is the first thing guests see when they enter your home. Our glass and door style selections help to reflect your individual style.

Door Style

Your door style should complement the design of your home, while providing a balance of privacy and natural light in your foyer. On right, the Craftsman style home features a Craftsman Lite 2-Panel door style, while the Colonial home has a ¾ Lite 1-Panel door with Seville glass.

Glass Style

Each piece of handcrafted glass is unique, just like you. The glass style you choose should complement both your exterior facade and interior foyer.

Our door and glass experts will help you find the perfect selection for your project.

Step 5 Enhance Every Doorway

Most homes have three or four exterior doors, located in various parts of the home and garage. Each of these doors serve a different purpose and can look different.

Front Entry

Helps to provide curb appeal and is the focal point of home.


These steel fire-rated doors help to control the spread of fire and minimize property damage from the garage to the house. Consider a flat panel shaker door to match interior cabinets.


Open up to your backyard oasis with a Garden Patio door. Consider a full lite door style with Clear or Divided Lite glass, to provide maximum natural light in your home.

Garage Service

This opening typically features a basic door style, in a color that blends with the siding color. Have small equipment or a lawn mower? Consider the 4-foot wide steel door for this space.

Step 6 Select Your Hardware

Your front door is more than just a secured entrance, it’s also a showpiece. Our handle selections and hardware finishes provide your home’s style with just the right touch.

Trend Alert

If you’re a homeowner with an active lifestyle, or a busy parent with kids who are always coming and going, then Schlage Touch™ can help simplify your day by eliminating the hassle of keys entirely. Allow friends and family to get in without a key – simply by entering a code.

Greater Security

Choose the Trilennium® multi-point locking system for greater security in your home. It features the strength of one solid locking unit combined with the protection of three deadbolts. Available in six handleset designs.