Wooden Windows

Kobyco’s wood windows are the most beautiful replacement windows when installed on your home. Kobyco’s wood windows are like no other wood replacement window because they are a unique blend of wood and vinyl.

The finished product will make an aesthetic statement that is far above any other replacement window. And our wood windows also deliver that custom look that higher end houses need to add value and even for resale.

Wooden Windows

A Unique Blend Of Wood And Vinyl

Our elegant and low maintenance wood windows offer the best of both worlds. Our line of windows features the quality and durability of fusion-welded vinyl on the outside and the beauty and versatility of wood on the interior side. This unique blend of materials includes stains for the interior side that are available in stain grade pine, oak or maple.

This combination of window provides a choice of standard and custom exterior colors that let you match any siding, brick or stone. This dynamic duo of wood replacement windows makes maintenance easy, as wood only requires periodic staining and vinyl is virtually maintenance free.

Weather Protection

There is no need to worry about windows being open when it rains. With awning windows, their outward hinge design keeps the rain out.

Enhanced Privacy

Awning windows do not open all the way, making them a secure choice. We also offer styles with tinted and fogged glass for added privacy from the outside.

Natural Airflow

Since these windows are secure and ensure rain doesn't enter, they can be left open and provide your home with airflow all throughout the day.

Reliable, Professional, Local

As a locally owned and operated business, we are deeply rooted in our community and committed to delivering excellence in every project we undertake.

Working directly with homeowners in our community is what drives us to provide the best result and experience possible.

40+ Years of Service

Our experienced staff, qualified and experienced sales consultants, office personnel and fully insured installers will come together to assure you that we are the right people for the job.

40+ Years of Service
Servicing Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin

You can be sure that we are near enough to you to begin that home remodel that will set your house apart from all the rest.​

Servicing Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin
Large Selection of Products

We’ve got a large and extensive selection of windows, interior doors, exterior doors, storm doors, retractable awnings, and laminate closet organizers.

Large Selection of Products
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We believe that the beauty of our work lies in the details. We will make sure that your window awnings fit your home’s aesthetic and foundation seamlessly.

View our gallery of previous projects to draw inspiration on how you can transform your living space.

Wooden Window Manufacturers

We work with the best manufacturers to bring you reliable, long-lasting products you’ll love.

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